– Verify & Activate Your Chase Credit Card is the official website of Chase Bank where you cannot only check the verification procedure but you can also seek help in case of any issue. Chase Bank was also known as Chase Manhattan Bank a few years ago. Then after huge success, the bank made collaboration with the J.P. Morgan & Co.

Right after you get your Chase Bank credit card, you will be required to verify your credit card. You can use the website of Chase Bank to complete the verification process. Moreover, if you have no access to the website so, you can use a telephonic way to verify the credit card.

The Chase credit cards are being issued by the Chase Bank in New York. If you are a reputable member of the Chase Bank and need to verify your credit card then you can search for the official website of the Chase Bank. Registration Process Online:

If you are a new member of Chase Bank but do not have an account on the portal then no worries. You can create your account and get registered with a few easy steps.
  • First, connect your device with a reliable internet connection to avoid any issue during the procedure.
  • Now go to the web browser and visit the official website
  • Here you will find a button ‘Sign up’. Tap on this button.
  • You will be driven to the Registration Page where you need to provide your information such as your first and last name, your date of birth, your Social Security Number (SNN), and a few other details.
  • After putting all the information, you will have to select a unique username and password for your account.
  • Right after you provide all the details, your account will be created successfully.
  •  Now you can easily log in to your account and can do the verification procedure anytime.

Chase Credit Card Activation:

If you looking Activate your Chase Credit Card here i assembled a guide for you.

Verification Procedure of Chase Credit Card:

You have to make a few steps to verify the Chase Bank credit card.

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet connection.
  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to the official site of Chase Bank, which is
  • You will see the ‘Sign in’ option to get your verification procedure done.
  • If you have your account on the website then you can easily log in to your account and get your verification process done.

Through Mobile Phone

In case you can’t reach the website then no worries, you can use the contact number of Chase Bank for your card verification. You may dial 800-432-3117 and communicate with the call agents. They will ask a few basic questions and your Chase Bank credit card will be verified in a while.

In case of Forgetting your Username or Password: Recovery Process

This happens quite often that you are not able to remember your user ID or password. But this is not a big deal as you can reset your username or password by following some instructions.

  • Connect your device to a reliable internet connection.
  • Open your web browser and visit the official website
  • On the log in page, you will find a button ‘Forgot your Username and Password?’
  • They will ask for your social security number or your Tax ID number.
  •  You will have to enter your username so that the operators will send you a code on your email or phone number to verify your account.
  • After this, they will send you a recovery password, which you can change after getting your account back.

Payment Methods For

Chase provides you different procedures through which you can clear your dues. You must select that method which is more convenient for you.  You can use the postal mail address of the Chase Bank to send your payments. Moreover, you can also use the overnight card payment procedure as well for more speedy services.

  • You can use the email address of the Chase Bank, which is PO Box 94014
    Palatine, IL 60094-4014. You can send your payments there and that is all. Your dues will be clear.
  • You may go for the overnight card payment procedure and for this you can send your payments at 201 N. Walnut Street De1-0153 Wilmington, DE 19801.
  • You can likewise use the auto-pay option. In this way, you do not need to do anything because the required amount will be automatically deducted at the end of every month from your account. 
  • You may use the E-Pay, bank wire transfer, and Western Union Quick Collect for your payment clearances.

How to Check the Deadline for Payments

You will be notified through a text message on your contact number or an official email where the deadline will be mentioned. In this way, you will not miss the due dates and clear your payments on time.

How to Get the Routing and Account Number

You can easily find your routing and account number through three means, via Website, Mobile Application, and on the check.

  • On the Check

You can find the routing and account number below your checks.

  • Through Website

You need to visit the official website to search out your routing and account number. Just sign in to your account and tap on the last four digits of your account number, which you can find on the top of your account information. You will get a PDF file where your routing and account number will be mentioned.

  • Via Mobile Application

You can also make use of the mobile application of to get your routing and account number. You just have to install the chase application and tap on the last four digits of your account number, which you will see over your account details. You will receive your account and routing number right there.

Varieties of Chase Bank Card

There are several Chase Bank credit cards and you can use any of their credit cards. Just make sure that you verify your credit card no matter which card you utilize. The list of Chase Bank credit cards is below.

  • Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card
  • Chase Freedom credit card
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred card
  • Ink Business Unlimited credit card
  • Ink Business cash credit card
  • Ink Business Preferred card
  • United Explorer card
  • The World of Hyatt credit card
  • Chase Slate credit card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve card

Customer Service

In case of any help, issue, and guidance, you can freely contact the call representatives of the Chase bank through their customer service number. If you get any difficulty while endeavoring to enroll your credit card so, you easily call at the customer care number, which is 1-800-432-3117 for the United States. For TTY you may dial 1-800-955-8060 and if you are sitting any other country so, you can use the international number of, which is1-302-594-8200.

When you call the operators so, they will ask for some information and inquire about the issue. You need to provide the proper details so that the call agents will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People often ask questions about the Chase Bank and the credit cards. There is a list of queries, which customers ask daily.

  • How to contact the customer service of Chase Bank?

You can get in touch with the call agents with the official contact number, which is 1-302-594-8200. People living in any corner of the world can use this number, as it is the international contact number of the Chase Bank. I personally think that is the best.

  • What is the Verification Procedure?

You can use the official website to get the verification process done or else you can use the mobile application where all the instructions will be displayed. You can also use the contact number of the Chase Bank as well to verify your credit card.

  • Is it essential to verify the Chase Bank credit card?

The verification procedure is the most important and primary part of using this chase credit card. Your credit card will not able to perform its tasks if you do not verify it. This is for security reasons as well.

  • How to register for the Chase Bank credit card?

You can get yourself registered on the portal of By visiting the website, you can have all the required information to get the registration procedure done.

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